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November 19, 2020
Local missionaries in Greece tried to protect the head and tongue of a Kurdish refugee who was suffering a major epileptic seizure in their offices. The ministry leader and others were praying for him. “He speaks Kurdish, so he wasn’t able to understand the language we were praying in, even if he could hear us,” the leader said. “After he fully came to his senses, he looked at us and asked, ‘What was the prayer you were praying? I was in peace while you were praying.’”
June 4, 2020
Before the novel coronavirus struck, a Muslim refugee accepted an invitation to come to a native ministry’s Bible study at a home in Greece. After discussion, the group leader asked the Kurdish refugee, Arman, if they could pray for him. He said yes but was shocked when those praying for him referred to Jesus Christ as God. “His eyes got big, and he spoke about this,” an assistant director of the native ministry said, recalling how Arman objected to referring to any man as God.