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May 28, 2020
After her first miscarriage, Tanvi Lal went for ritual washing according to Hindu custom in eastern India, and a year later she was pregnant again. In her sixth month, she miscarried again. The next time she was pregnant, she visited many temples and offered every possible sacrifice to encourage the gods to grant her a child. She carried the baby to term but suffered a high fever during delivery.
May 16, 2019
Earlier this year, a new Christian in Bangladesh overheard a Muslim tell a tea vendor that his health was getting worse each day. Hassan, a young father and construction worker who grew up Muslim, had put his faith in Christ only two months prior. He was taking a break at a tea stall near a home that he was building when he heard the vendor ask his Muslim acquaintance how he was doing. “That sick man replied with much depression that it was getting worse day by day,” Hassan said. “I asked him, ‘What happened with you?’”
April 18, 2019
Though at times in her right mind, in fits and spurts Ramya had spit insults and obscenities at nearly everyone in the village. No sorcerer within or outside the village had been able to drive the evil spirits out of her. A lifelong Hindu, Vijay was puzzled that she was just as devoted to the idol images of their gods as he was. He sensed in her the same evil presence that he had seen in his grown daughter.
March 21, 2019
When Tumo went to the temple as a little boy in Bangladesh and saw his parents worshipping the Buddha idol, he could not help thinking that it did not move and did not have life. “I used to tell my parents,” he said, “‘This idol does not have life, cannot speak and cannot hear – then why should we worship the idol of Buddha?’”
January 3, 2019
For all of his 60 years, Karim had been a staunch Muslim in a rural area of Bangladesh where few knew of anyone who was not a Muslim. Leaving Islam was also unheard of. So when a young Bangladeshi from outside the village began visiting homes and telling families about Jesus, Karim was as perplexed as he was scornful.
August 23, 2018
The Lord told a native missionary to erect a church building in southern India, which he obediently did. By the next day, villagers had destroyed it. The missionary had come to a village where no one knew Christ. God had told him that He desired a church building there, however, under the philosophy, “If you build it, people will come to Christ.”
June 7, 2018
An indigenous missionary in South Asia has seen miraculous healings and thousands of people come to Christ, but his work has been anything but easy. Vinay’s devotion to poor, remote peoples who are without Christ means travel on perilous paths, sleeping alongside jungle insects and snakes, and preaching amid hostile Hindus and Buddhists.