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May 1st | Mexico

Tribal people are receiving literacy and skills training in order to help lift them out of poverty. As the villagers gain education and job skills, their more stable financial footing helps keep families from disintegrating and residents from emigrating, thus strengthening communities. Workers also organize medical clinics and provide protection and support to battered women. They seek donations to help with the total annual ministry funding need of $9,172 for these and other community development projects. Pray for good relations with local ethnic authorities and that projects that engage communities will build avenues for sharing the gospel.

May 2nd

South Asia

Native missionaries provide shelter, food, water and knowledge of the Bible to Rohingya refugees an oppressed people from Burma (Myanmar) fleeing to India and Bangladesh. Renting a schoolroom, native missionaries also provide education to the refugee children, along with a Sunday school program. Such compassionate aid creates gospel bridges for the predominantly Muslim refugees and deepens the faith of those who have put their faith in Christ. For such aid and other acts of compassion in the region, native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that barriers of poverty, scant resources and Islamist hostility will be demolished.

May 3rd


Children in extreme poverty are putting their faith in Christ as native missionaries care for them spiritually, socially and physically, as well as provide education. The gospel is embedded in such outreaches, and more direct evangelism takes place in youth meetings, Bible studies and conferences, with many youths in tough circumstances putting their faith in Christ; recently six people of varied religious backgrounds were baptized. Teaching them how to commit their lives to Christ and reach out to others with the gospel, workers seek donations of $50 or $100 for such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Holy Spirit would help and comfort workers in harsh conditions.

May 4th

Middle East

As Muslim refugees put their faith in Christ at unprecedented levels in the wake of atrocities by Islamic State and other jihadist militias, persecution also rises. Native missionaries are arranging medical help for former Muslims who have been attacked for their faith, besides providing food and relocating those whose lives are in danger. Donations are sought for relocation and other costs to protect those who have left Islam for eternal life in Christ. Pray that those who have lost family and friends would find new community among Christians.

May 5th


Native missionaries provide education for needy children, which opens paths to share the Good News of Christ’s saving sacrifice. Likewise, gospel workers dig wells and build fresh-water pipelines to remote villages. In both cases, the community engagement projects lead to gospel proclamation, Bible study groups and small church plants in the 90-percent Buddhist country. Workers seek donations for these and other projects that help build strong communities. Pray the Lord would be glorified as ignorance and disease give way to literate, productive and healthy children of God.

May 6th


Nearly 30 percent of China’s people are ages 1 to 24, and native missionaries are working hard to ensure that these new generations know the Lord. Summer camps give children knowledge of God, while native missionaries at universities move students closer to Christ through Bible studies and discussions. Their ministry has planted five new churches since 2017, and leadership training is needed as increased restrictions force congregations to meet in smaller groups in homes. Donations are sought for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that young hearts would drink deeply of the living water that Christ provides.

May 7th


In this overwhelmingly Muslim country where clan retaliation for leaving Islam can be dangerous, native missionaries are softening hearts to Christ with outreaches that engage and transform communities. Literacy, language and computer classes help impoverished women to find work in offices and stores, and micro-enterprise programs provide families livestock for life-sustaining income. Skills like sewing are also taught that lead to micro-enterprise and jobs. Native missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for programs like these that lift entire communities and build gospel bridges. Pray that hope from Christ will lead to faith in Christ.

May 8th

Sri Lanka

A ministry that takes a Sunday school out of its church building and makes it available to kids in public places started a relationship with a child’s family members, who all received Christ. They helped the workers meet three other families, all now worshipping at the ministry’s church. Other workers in the majority-Buddhist country are training evangelists to reach Tamils and Sinhalese in difficult and dangerous areas, with one ministry planting 42 churches during a six-month span. Native missionaries seek donations for these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray that God will open hearts to the light of God.

May 9th


As native missionaries provide clothing, counseling and other desperately needed aid to refugees from Syria and elsewhere, they have opportunities to share about Christ’s forgiveness and salvation. One refugee who visited workers’ Bible studies observed, “I am a Muslim, but I see that Jesus does miracles,” and a few days later he put his faith in Christ. Later his 18-year-old daughter also received Christ. Native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70 for the means to proclaim Christ and follow up with those who trust Him for eternal life. Pray that new Christians will bring salt and light to their ultimate destinations.

May 10th


Many people are coming to Christ even in areas of tribal and religious violence, even though the dangers keep native missionaries from openly evangelizing. Establishing relationships with unreached tribes, they are able to discreetly bring the gospel by means of SD cards loaded with audio content. In other areas, evangelists are able to show the Jesus Film and invite people to Bible studies. Workers use these and other means of evangelization and discipleship, made possible through your donations. Pray that new faith will be nurtured, strengthened and deepened in Christian fellowship.

May 11th


Refugees who arrive traumatized from atrocities in Syria are experiencing the love of Christ for the first time. One refugee confessed that he could feel a divine presence in the hearts of native missionaries who came to his tent with relief aid, and he put his faith in Christ. New Christians who once hid their faith are now boldly sharing it, and others noticing their peace and light are drawn to the worshipping community. Native missionaries reaching such people need donations to continue providing aid and the gospel. Pray that new Christians would find fellowship amid difficult circumstances.

May 12th


More than 600 impoverished children rely on food provided by native missionaries from 20 churches as part of a program that also makes education and medical treatment available. Workers in another area also offer schooling and meals to poor, predominantly Muslim children. Native missionaries seek donations for the supplies, teachers and other expenses of these and other community engagement projects. Pray that people battered by poverty and discrimination would be healed, strengthened and redeemed by Christ’s love.

May 13th


Out of curiosity, the pastor of a sub-Christian church that incorporated voodoo into its rituals took a class at a native ministry’s Bible school, and while learning about Christian foundations the power of God fell upon him; he began to cry, repented and later instilled biblical truth into his church in spite of daunting resistance. Now the entire cultish denomination is undergoing revival as demonic strongholds are demolished. Donations of any amount are appreciated and sought for such classes and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Holy Spirit would penetrate deep darkness.

May 14th


A native ministry in Albania rents a hall for Sunday worship, youth meetings, children’s activities and other uses throughout the week. After more than 20 years in an impoverished area rife with crime and drug abuse, the hall has become central to community life and a point of departure for spread of the gospel. Donations are sought to cover the annual rent of nearly $5,000. Pray that the faith of youths discipled in the building are rooted in solidly biblical grounding in a country where Islam is the majority religion and many people are atheists.

May 15th


An unreached people group saw their humble conditions decline after migrating in an attempt to escape poverty. Native missionaries brought them food aid, blankets and medical care and began initiatives for them to become self-sustaining: skills training so they can work in factories and agricultural assistance for farmers, including introduction of off-season crops and help identifying buyers for harvests. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 for these and other aid and compassion projects. Pray that as they receive God’s love they will grow to know Him.

May 16th


Islamic extremist sentiment is seeping into mainstream thinking in this 96-percent Muslim country, but native missionaries are showing the love of Christ by educating poor brick-kiln workers, providing adult literacy classes and caring for orphans, among other outreaches. As hearts are softened, the workers boldly share the message of redemption in Christ. Others start gospel conversations by selling Bibles for token donations, forming small groups that grow into congregations. Living in virtual poverty themselves, native missionaries seek donations of any amount for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray the Holy Spirit would guide, comfort and strengthen them.

May 17th

Middle East

A ministry in Lebanon has the same problem that other organizations in the region have: Youth outreaches that are so popular that the need for training more leaders outstrips available resources. Kids programs involving Bible lessons and Christian songs, as well as meetings for older youths, attract thousands of children from Muslim homes and other religious upbringing. Kids and their families are putting their faith in Christ each week. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for these and other evangelistic outreaches throughout the region. Pray that worldly pressures would not choke the faith of these young people.

May 18th


When native missionaries visit homes to share the love of Christ, residents may not accept the gospel message but rarely decline offers of prayer. As workers follow up with these people over the years, some accept Christ, and one has become a pastor. Recently native missionaries also proclaimed the gospel in two evangelistic events that saw 20 people put their faith in Christ. Workers seek donations of $60 to help cover monthly needs for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that their outreach trips to the Cachi people will find hearts open to the gospel.

May 19th

South Asia

In Bangladesh and other countries in the region, prayer for healing is stirring people to give their lives to the Great Healer. The healing of a tribal animist led him and a friend who witnessed the miracle to receive Christ, and workers recently baptized three other tribal people from different villages. Area missionaries are praying for 60 tribal people to come to Christ and be discipled in three new ethnic churches. For these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives, workers seek donations. Pray the Lord would break down spiritual strongholds that block people from hearing the gospel.

May 20th


Hundreds of people put their faith in Christ at seminars native missionaries offered in a country where more than half the population adheres to traditional tribal beliefs, including voodoo. Another trip to put on a seminar saw 49 people commit their lives to Christ, and 210 people did so at a convention in another area. Native missionaries make follow-up visits to the newly planted churches. For such campaigns, home visits, gospel film screenings and other means of evangelism and discipleship, workers seek donations of $50 or $100. Pray that churches founded in solid biblical teaching will flourish.

May 21st


Native missionaries who received training thanks to Christian Aid Mission assistance recently baptized 25 people who had put their faith in Christ when the workers shared the gospel with them. Of 94 people the ministry trained, 75 are serving in church leadership or are reaching out to their neighbors with the message of Christ’s salvation. In a country where Hindu opposition is growing, native missionaries seek donations for such training and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that small groups of seekers studying the Bible would grow into strong churches.

May 22nd

Southeast Asia

In Vietnam, 40 people from four unreached tribal groups put their faith in Christ after native missionaries were trained and sent to engage them. Ministries throughout the region are making robust efforts to provide Bible and evangelism training for workers, as well as producing theological extension materials and Bibles in various languages. Doing spiritual battle in lands dominated by traditional folk religion, Buddhism and atheism, native missionaries seek donations to help cover the total annual ministry funding need of $11,000 for such training. Pray the living God would make Himself known to peoples in a way that dissolves all devotion to the cult of self and man-made gods.

May 23rd


A woman who practiced witchcraft and spread harm in other ways became desperately ill and lost her sight. Native missionaries boldly offered to pray for her, and she was instantly healed and received back her sight. People were stunned to see her crying in repentance, handing over her charms to be burned and trusting in Christ, and as a result many people in four villages abandoned witchcraft and became Christians. Evangelists are planting churches in various parts of the country and seek donations for such outreach and discipleship. Pray for strength and protection for missionaries working amid dangers.

May 24th


Most refugees from the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere who have received physical and emotional help from native missionaries are now attending house churches. Besides refugees, workers are also reaching needy children, drug and alcohol addicts, prisoners and others with the gospel. The financial support, materials and tools made available by your assistance give native missionaries natural avenues to share Christ and train new believers to start new fellowships. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 to carry out these evangelism and discipleship projects. Pray for God to protect and nourish workers and new converts alike as His kingdom spreads in a largely secular land.

May 25th


The gospel is virtually unknown in a northwestern region where Islam and Tibetan Buddhism are the dominant religions. Native missionaries are showing the love of Christ in outreaches that open the way to discreetly share the message of His saving sacrifice and resurrection. Working amid tight restrictions and opposition, native missionaries also build relationships by providing financial aid to underprivileged minority students and showing preschoolers how to do craft projects. They seek donations for such community engagement projects. Pray that workers along with new disciples will be bold and wise as they practice their faith.

May 26th


The poorest of the poor in Bihar state have seen their communities transformed as a result of native missionaries helping them overcome discrimination and by training them in job skills like sewing. Also offering food, education and tutoring to children, free medical check-ups and adult literacy programs, workers have raised living standards and built gospel bridges. For these and other community engagement projects in Bihar, other northern states and beyond, native missionaries seek donations to cover the total annual ministry funding need of $2,200. Pray the poor and oppressed would find wholeness and peace in Christ.

May 27th


People traumatized by war in Syria, Afghanistan and other countries who have fled to Europe need clothes, food and medicines, as well as books and school materials for their children. Native missionaries provide the needed aid along with spiritual/psychological counseling that is based on the healing possible in Christ. Such compassionate aid is made possible by donations of $35 or $70. Pray the Lord would reveal His light and love to Muslims and other refugees and would draw near to those serving them.

May 28th

North Africa

Native missionaries in a country in North Africa have created a house of refuge for persecuted Christians, who are becoming more numerous as the gospel grows amid hostile Islamists. Cut off from family, economic connections and jobs, the shunned Christians also receive vocational training from the native missionaries to rebuild their lives with new jobs. Those who have been physically attacked receive medical care. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide this help, payment of legal fees for those accused of false crimes and other aid. Pray that those who attack new Christians physically or otherwise would see Christ as Lord.

May 29th

South Asia

Remote peoples who have limited access to health care and education showed deep appreciation for the help they received from native missionaries. A nutrition camp in India lit up the faces of people who were relieved to find answers to their questions about dietary solutions and treatment for their illnesses. In another area, Rohingya refugee children benefited from education that workers provided in order to help lift them out of poverty. Native missionaries seek donations $30 or $60 for these and other community engagement projects. Pray that people finding wholeness and opportunities will give glory to God.

May 30th


Native missionaries are boldly bringing the message of Christ’s atoning death and resurrection to remote peoples in northern India in culturally sensitive ways. When local officials see the reduction in alcoholism in villages where the gospel has taken root, they are open to working with Christians to improve harvests, water supply and health care facilities, as well as roads. For evangelism and follow-up throughout the country that helps transform lives, native missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray that remote peoples who have never heard of the Messiah would find eternal life.

May 31st

Christian Aid

Most native missionaries have little or no income, but their top priority is seeking – and expanding – God’s kingdom. Working not only among the poor but often amid harsh opposition, they start each day with a burning desire to make known the God who has transformed their lives and, as they have seen first-hand, the lives of others. When a Christian Aid Mission representative discovers them and offers them assistance, they give thanks and praise to God. Please consider a gift today to help Christian Aid Mission find and assist these devoted workers, and pray the Lord will strengthen and sustain them.